How To Prepare Your Tan

You will want to exfoliate with a water based exfoliate, shave, make sure to wash any oils from shampoo and conditioner off that may touch your skin. Do not wear any lotion, oils, perfume, deodorant, or makeup  to your session. The tan applies more evenly  to bare skin. You will want to get your mani , pedi's done prior to tanning. Bring loose dark in color clothing to wear after you tan. You will not want to get wet or sweat for 8 hours after you get spray tanned. Your airbrush tan will last 5-10 days. You can extend your tan by keeping oil free lotion on for hydration and limit your time in water. 

Organic Spray Tan

Custom Organic Airbrushing Treatment (hand applied spray tan) offers you a healthy, sunless, UV free alternative to tanning, while giving you a natural flawless color. 


  • 1 - Treatment                                                                             $   40.00
  • 3 - Treatment Package                                                           $   99.00
  • 6 - Treatment Package                                                           $ 175.00
  • Quick Dry Tan   (shower in 1-4 hours)                               $   10.00(additional)