Tobie is experienced, knowledgeable, personable, and overall a great stop for your skin care needs! I've known her for years now and never had a bad experience, I cannot think of one complaint I've had throughout the years, whether it's microdermabrasion or tanning, it is all quality, timely, clean, and a pleasant experience. I have sent friend and family, who all say the same.

Try her new skin care products :)

-Jenn E.

Thank you Tobie for my amazing airbrush tans, skin treatments and advice. You are great and very helpful.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

-Jaclyn A.

Worth the drive from West University to Sugar Land. I had to follow her to her new digs after experiencing a less than desirable result closer to home. Tobie, i promise I will never stray again! Trust me, you don't want just anyone near your face with acid or a microdermabrasion wand. She removes two decades, but stops before she gets to the layer that makes you look like something in cellophane wrap in the meat section of Kroger.

She is experienced and trustworthy. too bad for me that she is no longer in West University. The parking is easy at the Sugar Land location right out front and it is a more upscale and posh than her prior setting. I can understand why she chose her new place.